Premium Blend Hay

Certified Organic, High Mountain Meadow Grasses, Clovers and Wildflowers. You find no chemicals, pollutants, herbicides or artificial fertilizers in Silvies’ Premium Performance Blend Hay.


Health Food for Horses

Nestled high in the Blue Mountains of Eastern Oregon between the Strawberry and Ochoco ranges sits Silvies Valley. Millions of years ago, the valley was just a wide, rocky ravine, but literally hundreds of thousands of generations of beavers transformed it into a lush riparian meadow environment along the more than 20 miles of the meandering Silvies River on the ranch. At elevations all over 4,600 feet, the ranch’s cold summer nights makes the hay grow slowly with more protein and vitamins than ordinary grass hay, and its long cold winters (often -30°F) make the grasses and clover strong and virtually weed free. The ranch’s hay is essentially a health food for horses. Hand selected from over 6,000 acres of natural spring flood irrigated meadows; Premium Performance Blend is a limited selection of the very best mountain hay grown in the Silvies Valley—and probably the world.

The Blend Makes It Better

Horses actually evolved eating a blend of grasses, clovers and wildflowers just like the plant mixture that grows naturally in Silvies Valley. Our Premium Performance Blend Hay is a blend of over 20 different native grasses, six different varieties of native clovers and over 60 varieties of native wildflowers from our certified organic meadows.

Native Grasses: Our hay is a naturally balanced blend of over 20 different grasses. This native blend provides a full range of nutrients that single-grass hays, such as Orchard or Timothy, cannot supply. Your horse will appreciate being fed this exceptional assortment of natural grasses.

Natural Clover: Wild clovers are part of a horse’s natural diet, unlike commercially grown alfalfa hay. Silvies Valley Ranch organic hay contains approximately 35-45% wild clovers which provide essential protein and energy to form a perfect balance with the nutrients supplied in our native grasses and wildflowers.

Wildflowers: The last “secret” ingredient in our hay is the 60 different eatable wildflowers. Each wildflower is nutritious and packed with vitamins and other micro nutrients. Some are even reported to have medicinal qualities. Your horse will love the variety as it picks out its favorites.

Pure & Natural:

As has happened for millions of years, in the spring the snow melts in the surrounding mountain ranges and creates floods. This natural runoff brings nutrients down from the mountain peaks into the Silvies River.

In the main ranch meadows, the river falls only 45 feet as it meanders more than 20 miles, passing over or around more than 70 beaver dams in the Silvies Valley. This allows the river to fill up with fresh spring snowmelt and overflow its banks everywhere in the valley leaving behind its rich nutrients before it drains back into its natural path at the southern end of the ranch.

No herbicides or artificial fertilizers are ever applied and no power is used to run pumps or exotic sprinkler systems—it’s all natural and still happens the way it always has. We just stay out of the way!

To learn more about our Silvies Valley Ranch® Premium Performance Blend Hay or to place an order please contact:

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